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Women Empowerment with Non – Violence and Social harmony.

Determination and strong will power is needed to do any remarkable work. Without determination and hardwork it is almost impossible to reach the goal. Empowering backwards and illiterats of remote rural area with the message of non-violence and harmony is a tough task and it needed tremendous efforts.

Brought up in a poor family with very limited resources to survive. Smt. Phoolbasan Bai Yadav took the path of Mahatma Gandhi, empowering the downtroddenwith truth and Social harmony. Inspired by the thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi, shemarched against the social malpractices present in the society.

Padmshri Phoolbasan Yadav understood the delinquencies and wrongdoing in society such as child marriage, caste system, addiction, untouchability and dowry system. She stood against all these malpractices with the rural women spreading the ideas of non-violence and Social harmony.

In 2001 with the help of eleven women she formed Ma Bamleshwari Svayam Sahayata Samooha (self help group). These women contributed positively to bring change in society and this initiative came with good results.

The then district collector Mr. Dinesh Shrivastava gave responsibility to Smt. Phoolbasan Bai Yadav to organize women for the betterment of society. She worked with the local women of different villages and different caates. She started organizing women by formation of Swayam Sahayata Samooh.

She emphasized on the children’s education of poor familiesand financial self dependency for women in society. For that, the self help group started the contribution of 2 Rupees and two handfuls of rice.These members of self help groups started having meetings and discussions for the betterment of the society and they started having awareness programmes to spread social harmony and brotherhood.

Smt. Phoolbasan Yadav faced violence during these days and she was not allowed to go out for the work. Then she started cycling and taking inspiration from her work, other women also started practicing the cycling. This initiative inspired almost 5000 women of the district for the cycling. This initiative made an environment for the women empowerment in the rural areas of the district.

There are total 13142Mahila Svayam Sahayata Samooh (Women Self Help Group) under the leadership of Smt. Phoolbasan Bai Yadav in which more than 2 lac women are associated with these organizations. These organizations have more than 40 crores of savings and maintaining good recovery 51 crores of loans are passed.

Smt. Phoolbasan Yadav faced violence during these days and she was not allowed to go out for the work. Then she started cycling and taking inspiration from her work, other women also started practicing the cycling. This initiative inspired almost 5000 women of the district for the cycling. This initiative made an environment for the women empowerment in the rural areas of the district.

Smt. Yadav continued her work for the society and she was continuously working against the malpractices like dowry system. Smt. Yadav organised SamoohikVivah of 33 couples of different caates and religion.This campaign's message was to end the casteimand poverty.

Due to the social problems like untouchability women faced very hard times while they were at community well or at another water sources. Awareness programmes against untouchability was organised and water conservation was initiated with the help of Soak Pits.

Sokhtas are water conservation structures that can be constructed in minimal space and require very less time, investment, and maintenance effort. They help in the conservation of water and prevent contamination too.

The water conservation drive was started on 2nd October 2002 Gandhi Jayanti. More than 20000 soak pits have been made till date by the women with their own resources. This initiative continues for whole month on the occasion of mothers day.

Narcotism and alcohol addiction is a big problem in rural areas which lead to the violence and crime. Smt. Phoolbasan Yadav initiated awareness campaign and community fast on international women’s day 8th March 2009. Silent rallies are organised.

From 2001-02 to present nearly 625 villages are alcohol free and this campaign is continuously growing and supported.by the women. At present MahilaFauj formed by Smt. Yadav are volunteering in 816 villages,they keep watch over in rural village area by regularly patrolling around the area for 2 hours in the night. Membrrs of mahila Fauj suffered a lot , they were not allowed to go for the patrol and were abused and sometimes they faced violence too.

These challenges did not stop the work of mahila Fouj they continued their work and today with the message of social harmony and non-violence 90% percent of the villagers are supporting this cause and evolved. Earlier it was a normal thing to face violence and regular disturbances by addicted youth. Peace and prosperity has been brought by the mahila Fauj led by smt. Phoolbasan yadav.

They look for the well-being of the society and report the anti-social activities in village. All these works of MahilaFauj were appreciated by District administration and ensured support for this initiative.

Open defecation was one of the biggest challenge and problem for any women of rural area, problems like privacy and self-respect, accident and diseases. Smt Yadav is continuously working for the Nirmal Panchayat from 2010, total 57 villages are now under the Nirmal Panchayat. From September 2014 the members of Maa Bamleshwari Svayam Sahayata Samooh started a special campaign or initiative to promote use of toilets.

Women associated with the group are spreading awareness to use toilet, and they are making toilet without any government grant or resources.

At the starting in September 2014 total 24 villages were adapted for this program and at the end of January 2015 all the 24 villages were given the Open Defecation Free status. No grant or services were taken from government and it was all women’s efforts and determination.More than 60 Percent families are associated with Smt. Yadav and with her Svayam Sahayata Samooh.

On February 2015 with the help of District administration and Smt. Phoolbasan's organization the District (Rural) was awarded an ODF status.

On 21 February 2016Smt Yadav was awarded by Hon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Rajnandgaon and Hon. Cabinet Minister Narendra Tomarawarded Smt. Yadav in New Delhi.smt Yadav continuously worked for the ODF status of the District and ultimatety for the state. Woman member of the self help group were so derermined for this noble duty.

More than 200 woman of the District worked voluntarily for 2 months in different villages. These woman members of the group also organised a PadYatraa with hundreds of woman for 4 ays. They organised awareness campaigns showing benefits ofopen Defecation Free status. Women patrol with 20 members in the night time to maintain the peace in the village and along with it they arrange meetings for awareness of ODF.

Smt. Yadav was married at 10 and she knew the problems of child marriage. She with the local administration of Women and child development department successfully stopped 570 child marriage practices. Active members of the organization have stopped child marriages in the area.

Padmshri Smt. Phoolbasan Bai was awarded Chhattisgarh RajyaAlankaranwith 1 lac Rupees which she donated among 52 Below Poverty Line families and arranged the education and food for rhe children.

Inspired by this work Samoohadopted 2800 children and assured their education and food. Every year under DattakPutriYojna, poor children were adopted and SwayamSahayataSamooh arranged food for4225AanganWaadis. Later, it was arranged for all the Primary Schools and higher secondary schools after High Court's order.

In 1741 Schools Mid Day Meals are arranged by Swayam Sahayata Samooh, which faced some challenges because of the caste system. Later it was solved by Smt. Phoolbasan Yadav and families were convinced to send their children to school.

Public Distribution System (PDS)’s are also conducted by the Samooh's members. At present 279 Ration Stores are conducted by the women members and more than 19.75 lakhs of loans are passed at zero interest. The PDS model of Chhattisgarh is appreciated all over the country and accepted by other states.

Inspired by the satyagrah by Mahatma Gandhiji smt. Phoolbasan yadav with her group member regularly organising padyatras form 2011. These padyatras walking expeditions have been working and inspiring women for self Dependency, Self employment. Non–violence. And discourage the social malpractices like dowry system, untouch ability, Casteism.

Now village’s women are more concerned about education, cleanliness, health and employment. Smt. Yadav started it with 17to20 villages, which have now reached up to 180 villages with success padyatras. Padyatras covered naxal hit areas and backward areas like village – Aundhi, khadgaon of block –Manpur, village- mohbhatta, bhojtola, of block- mohla and village – kallubanjari , khobha of block - chhuria, Dongargarh, Khairagarh, Chhuikhadan and ambagarg chawki. Padyatra got good response form the village women and many public representatives such as chief secretry, M.P, collector and secretry, they have contributed positively for this noble cause.

Smt. phoolbasan’s initiative to provide self employment for the rural and backward women is helping with small enterprises such a poultry forming ,milk and dairy products, pickle and spices production, Agarbatti products ,and ration stores. Member of the group or help group contributed 2 rupees initially have now reached up to 40crore.

Padmshree Smt. Phoolbasan Bai initiated the production of Jimi Kanda, it was campaigned in 2015. In the duration of 2 years members of the Samooh earned 2crore rupees which is continuously running and the organic farming helped the women of the Samooh to be self-dependent financially. For organic Farming Vermi Composts are made. These women members are made Kisaan Production Organisation (Kisaan Utpadan Sangathan) total 1188 members were added. In Gandai area 2000 litres of Milk production unit is formed. Total 40038 members are associated with various business.

NABARD on its 25thfoundation day 2017 Smt. Yadav was awarded by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in Delhi. Smt. Yadav received 45.75 lakhs as award from various organisations she has donated all her awards to Svayama Sahayata Samooh and her family’s occupation is Animal Husbandry.

Published Literature

  • Class 10th Board English syllabus.
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Awards (National)

  • Swachhta Samman 2016-17 (Water and Sanitation Ministry Govt. Of India)
  • Bhagwan Mahavir Samman – Bhagwan Mahavir Foundation Chennai.
  • Life tIme Achievement Award 2013 –Union Bank of India 2013
  • Suryadata award 2013 –Suryadatainstitute of Pune.
  • Indian Proud Award 2013 –DainikBhaskar Group Madhya Pradesh.
  • S.R Jindal Award 2012 – Sitaram Jindal Foundation New Delhi
  • Padma Shri Award 2012 – Govt. Of India
  • Rashtriya Ekta Samman 2012-National Unity Conference New Delhi.
  • Hind PrabhaSamman 2012–Uttarpradeshiy Mahila Manch Meruth UP.
  • AmodiniAward 2011 – God Gray Philips New Delhi
  • SadguruGyananandRashtriyPuraskaar–MMSD Chennai.
  • Stri Shakti Samman 2009 –Women and Child Development Department Govt. Of INDIA.
  • Jamnalal Bajaj Award 2008 – JL Bajaj Foundation Mumbai.
  • Zee Astitva Award – Zee TV Mumbai.
  • NABARD Puraskar2004-05 –NABARD Raipur

Awards (State)

  • Rajya Mahila Aayog Samman 2010 – State Women Commission Chhattisgarh.
  • Vihaan 2009 – Zee 24 Ghante Chhattisgarh
  • Minimaat Rajya Alankaran 2004-05–Govt. Of Chhattisgarh.
  • NABARD Award 2004-05 – NABARD RAIPUR


  • Member State Yojana Aayog
  • Govt. Of Chhattisgarh NauRatna ( Swachh Bharat)
  • Member Chhattisgarh Government, Chhattisgarh Sharab Committee.